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Jedi from Middle-Earth.

Hillary. 22. Nursing student. Happily married to my sexy gamer, Matthew. Lover of books, studying, the outdoors, SW/LOTR, and heavy metal. Part-time gamer. Christian naturalist. Passionate. Follower of Namira. Compulsive selfie-taker. Obsessed with dogs.42.

Hi there. *smiles*

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I just want to sit around in my underwear and play Tomb Raider I. 

I do that, but only when I’m studying.
I study in my underwear.
I’m learning to save lives in my underwear.
God, that sounds so epic.

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I stuffed myself at Olive Garden for Easter.

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Thank you, Jesus. :)

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ayyyyye I’m thankful for track making us do one legged squats on the bench with a weight.

Fitness Motivation

Mace Windu Lightsaber